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Memories of your wedding day are priceless treasures. Those memories should be preserved in a form of record ( photo album ), cause people will enjoy seeing it for many generations to come. Excellent wedding photography tells great stories. And to preserved those great wedding moment, one needs to engage a professional photographer who can be trusted for such an important undertaking. Al-Syam and his team have the passion for photography, in particular for all weddings' occassions and pre-wedding shoots. What started off as a hobby has now developed into a business venture. Cherish your great moment with us and we are gladly in helping you to create priceless photos of your memories to be preserved.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Creative Portraits

The idea comes from high fashion, therefore me and my crew decided to tryout creative makeup photoshoot and these are some shoots that i've taken with my crew

Engagement Day ( Miss Tijah & Mr hadi )

Congratulation to Miss Tijah on her engagement day with Mr Hadi. Hope to see you on your wedding day and all the best and luck to you..05 June 2011

Location : Sandakan

Monday, January 31, 2011

Syafiq & Syakila Pre-Wedding

                      What a wonderful exprience....the location of their pre-wedding photoshoot are totaly awsome and believe me or not is a realy nice view...Kundasang is a small district in Sabah and a very cold place with a greenish sorrounding...took me to drive 2 hours form kota kinabalu to reach there....anyway as I reach there the weather are realy bad..its rainy season and realy cant fight with nature when it comes to photoshoot...when the rain stop, I only have 1 hour or so for photoshoot session for my client...2 day is Kundasang and makes me wonder how do the people stay there...? Now have a look at Miss Syakila & Mr Syafiq pre-wedding photoshoot

Syafiq & Syakila Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
22 January 2011 - 23 January 2011
Location : Kundasang (War Memorial Park), (Desa Dairy Farm), (Mesilau), & Ranau (Poring Hot Spring)

This is the location when i fell down the hill...what an embarrassment  moment for me...hahaha


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rozalina & Muhammad Nur

Rozalina & Muhammad Nur
18th December 2010

   Congratulation to Miss Rozalina & Muhammad Nur on their wedding day...Wish them all the best and luck...May they live happily ever after..It is a fantastic exprience which the grom is a Singaporian and the Bride is from Sandakan....With a blend of mix culture Cocos and Jawanese.......Love it very much and at the same time what a leaning expiences for me........Now lets have a sneak peek at my selected favourite photo that I've taken....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Portraiture With My Friends

        So what I do when I'm Free, when I'm not on duty for wedding photoshoot...? Hurm...lets see......Portraiture with my friends....that is what I like to do.....